About us


Misora Nakamori

is a brand established in 2019 in Paris by a Tokyo-born multi-disciplinary designer. Its development went through the main fashion cities: Paris, London, and Antwerp. We believe fashion items are more than just beautiful objects. In our brand, we create an interaction of aesthetics and ways of thinking through physical creation and materiality.

Our vision

We are aimed to search for personal identity. We understand nowadays the borders between cultures and races are blurred, so we concentrate on personal history and experimentation with mixed inspiration in the culture and artisanal techniques. 

Our mission 

The journey of our creation is about discoveries. We demonstrate the beauty with what is to be got rid of, or what is in the shadow. We embrace everything even what is considered ‘unnecessary’ and we find inspiration in it. We aim to bring abandoned materials, factors, and thoughts into the spotlight. We go away from the traditional way of “how it should be” by providing our approach.

Versatility & sustainability  

We consider the context of sustainability not only by the use of recyclable materials but the life of garments that could stay long in a wardrobe. Beyond the must, we embrace that the garments should be special to each person. We suggest the items to be transformable and versatile so the garments could perform in many ways.